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Spirits’ Homecoming (2016)

(High Quality)

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FILM DETAILS Added 3 months ago
Spirits’ Homecoming (2016)

The film is set during the Japanese occupation of Korea in 1943 telling the story of 14-year old Jung-min and 16-year old Young-hee. Jung-min’s family is poor due to frequent warfare but lives happily and peacefully. Meanwhile Young-hee’s parents died during the war thus taking care of her younger brothers. One day, Japanese soldiers forcefully take the two girls from their homes giving them just minutes to say goodbye and pack their clothes, ship them to Manchuria in wagons for livestock and use them as ‘comfort women’ forcing them to perform sexual service to the servicemen of the Imperial Army.
From now on Young-hee, Jung-min and the others must only use Japanese, speaking any other languages is punishable. In the brothel, the girls are given only a tiny room with a bed with an endless flow of soldiers coming for 10 minutes each. The servicemen are mistreating them, beating them up, and many have sadistic tendencies. ‘Comfort women’ are trying to cope with their situation, while some loose their sanity while others try to stay sane. One of the soldiers treats Jung-min well and gives her a map. Jung-min, Young-hee and four others plan to escape because of the constant sexual assault and beatings, however one of them gets lost in the dark. The Japanese catch her and severely beat her up. Jung-min and Young-hee witness that from a hideout and decide to return in order for the other girls not to be killed. During the night, Japanese soldiers torture the ‘comfort women’. In the morning they order the escaped girl, the one that got insane, and several injured ones in a lorry promising medical treatment in a bigger camp. However, in reality the servicemen kill them and burn their corpses. Later the Chinese army starts a counter-attack and the Japanese decide to kill all the girls at the exact same place of previous executions. Jung-min gives Young-hee her personal talisman and asks her to obey the orders, but the Chinese interrupt the execution.

Genres: Drama, History, Korea Movie, Movie

IMDB Rate: 7.0

Director: Cho Jung-Rae (

Writer: Cho Jung-Rae

Stars: , , , ,