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Secret Reunion (2010)

(High Quality)

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FILM DETAILS Added 3 months ago
Secret Reunion (2010)

Ji-won is one of numerous North Korean undercover spies living in South Korea as ordinary citizens, until he’s called to fulfill his mission: the assassination of Kim Jong-il’s second cousin who wrote a book that the North Korean government deems as a great betrayal to the Fatherland. However, one of his fellow spies, Tae-soon, betrays his orders by switching his allegiance to South Korea, and Ji-won mistakenly becomes the target for both countries.
Lee Han-gyoo is a dedicated agent of the National Intelligence Service (NIS) who tries to foil the hit. Despite having insider information, he doesn’t notify his agency superiors, and only involves his team in the mission. Unable to prevent the assassination, and with the loss of his fellow agents in a gun fight, he becomes the sole scapegoat for the agency and gets discharged.
Six years later, Lee is now a private investigator and bounty hunter who locates runaway mail order brides, while Ji-won works in construction. Due to a coincidence, Lee gets saved from a mob by Ji-won; they both recognize each other instantly but keep it to themselves. With an ulterior motive for their previous unfinished business, Han-gyoo talks Ji-won into working for him and sharing living quarters – as Ji-won accepts Han-gyoo’s offer in order to spy on him, thinking that Han-gyoo is still an agent. While confronting Tae-soon for betraying their home country, Ji-won learns his true reasons behind it. He also learns that Lee was actually fired from NIS for not reporting the information to his superiors that could’ve prevented the loss of both civilian and agent lives. As a result, he must make ends meet as a private investigator in returning runaway foreign brides to their husbands and shutting down a ring of corrupt businessmen that are ripping them off. During that time, a former associate of Han-gyoo reaches out for his help.

Genres: Crime, Korea Movie, Movie, Thriller

IMDB Rate: 7.1

Director: Yoo Jeong-hoon, Song Myung-cheol, Jang Won-seok

Writer: Jang Hoon

Stars: ,