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Never Said Goodbye (2016)

(High Quality)

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FILM DETAILS Added 5 months ago
Never Said Goodbye (2016)

A heart-breaking romantic tale, which starts with Jun Ho, breaking up with his girlfriend Xiao You, since he wants to return back to Italy to learn Opera, supposedly his childhood dream. The movie starts with a scene in which Jun Ho shows his tickets to all the friends gathered at a party. Xiao You tries to persuade him not to go, and finally after a bitter fight not lasting the night, Jun Ho breaks up with her and flies back the same night.
The first half of the movie concentrates on Xiao You having to deal with the breakup, work pressure and all the emotions surrounding her. She and Jun Ho had been working as interior designers at a firm in Shanghai. They had met in the University and eventually fallen in love with each other. Jun Ho a Korean student, who was raised by his elder sister in Italy, comes to study and work in Shanghai. After an incident Jun Ho, finds out that he has brain cancer and has only 6 months to live. He finally makes up his mind to break up with Xiao You, than to let her see him die. But after 3 months, when Xiao You still cannot forget him, he fakes his death in Italy with the help of his elder sister and arranges a funeral, so that Xiao You can finally move on in her life. But things only get worse for Xiao You, as she gets more emotionally attached to him after his death.
Her neighbour, Tian Bo, tries to save her from an accident and that creates a friendship. But Xiao You’s memories of Jun Ho grows only stronger day by day. His unfinished work at a bar, keeps her going. Every night, strangely though, her work seems to be completed by some goodwill stranger. She starts communicating with this stranger by writing on the wall through smileys. In fact the person is none other than Jun Ho, who secretly with the help of his ex-employer Mr. Ma, tries to fulfill his promise of “Never letting her go”. Jun Ho’s health condition worsens and he is admitted to the hospital for a major surgery, after which he realizes that he might die anytime soon. So at his request for one last time, Jun Ho in disguise of a bear, makes her smile again, with a hug.
The film ends with Xiao You visiting Jun Ho’s elder sister in Italy after an year, paying her last respects at his grave and listening to all the logs each day he had made watching her every step and caring for her by staying in a apartment just above hers. Hence the title, “Never Said Goodbye”.

Genres: Drama, Melodrama, Movie Mandarin, Romance

IMDB Rate: 8.6

Writer: Lin Yu-Hsien

Stars: , ,

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  • dian

    Min,tlg unggah birth of beauty donk.