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My Little Princess


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FILM DETAILS Added 4 months ago
My Little Princess

When you’re trying to win over your Prince Charming, can you find him in an unexpected place? Lin Xing Chen is an heiress of a wealthy family but faces pressure to marry well because of her illegitimate status. Her target? The suave and wealthy Zheng Chu Yao, a fellow student at the elite arts school known as Four Leaf College. But due to a number of misunderstandings, Xing Chen at first mistakes the brooding Jiang Nian Yu as Chu Yao and tries to get his attention. But when Xing Chen realizes she has the wrong man, she keeps running into Nian Yu in the most compromising ways and then learns that Nian Yu is the only person who can teach her to tango to be able to get into Chu Yao’s good graces. But Xing Chen is annoyed when Chu Yao only seems interested in a poor student, Yu Yang Yang, who was admitted to the prestigious school because her father saved the principal’s life. Can Nian Yu teach Xin Chen to tango right into Chu Yao’s heart or will she discover that her destiny is with someone else?

Genres: Comedy, Drama Mandarin, Romance, School, Youth

Director: sohu

Writer: -

Stars: , , , ,

  • Maya Erna Christina

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  • Maya Erna Christina

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