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Hansel and Gretel (2007)

(High Quality)

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FILM DETAILS Added 3 months ago
Hansel and Gretel (2007)

Eun-soo, a salesman, is driving his car along Highway 69 while talking on the phone with his four-weeks pregnant girlfriend, Hae-young. She tells him to stay by her side for the remainder of her pregnancy, but he replies that his mother is ill and he has to visit her, leading to a quarrel as Eun-soo is driving and causing him to hit a rock and pass out. He wakes up to find himself stranded in a dark forest. He sees light from a lantern that a young girl is carrying. She introduces herself as Young-hee as they head for her house, a large house in the middle of the forest called the “House of Happy Children”.
Her parents, older brother Man-bok and younger sister Jung-soon are waiting on the porch when they arrive. Eun-soo finds the children following his every move the following day. He decides to leave, but returns because it is getting dark. As he tries to leave again, he discovers that the parents are leaving, and they tell him to take care of the kids.
He soon learns from their mother, who is hiding in the attic, that they are not the children’s real parents. Their car broke down on Highway 69 too, and they met Jung-soon when they explored the woods. She tells him not to believe the children. As Eun-soo makes his way out again the next day, he sees Man-bok and a couple approaching the house. The man, Byun is a seemingly amicable deacon while his wife has a malicious aura about her. Eun-soo keeps looking for clues, finding that the meat they had consumed was actually the flesh of the missing ‘father’ and his wife had turned into a china doll. He also notices that Byun’s wife had disappeared after accusing Jung-soon for stealing her ring. At night, he secretly follows Man-bok into the woods, making a trail of breadcrumbs so he wouldn’t get lost. He realizes Byun’s wife had turned into an oak tree.

Genres: Fantasy, Korea Movie, Movie, Mystery

IMDB Rate: 6.8

Director: Yim Pil-sung

Writer: Kim Min-sook, Yim Pil-sung

Stars: , , ,